Create position-specific resume forms. Ask for the information you need. Assess Personality, Integrity, and KSAs. Create your own exams to target the skill sets your jobs require. Assessment results are reported on one page. You can even define a scoring profile to create a single rating. Compare notes with your team and communicate with applicants from within the system.  
Interview with empirical data at your fingertips.
Maximize your hiring successes.
Subscription Plans
One position posted for 30 days: $99.
Order 10 Position credits: Save 10%.
Position credits remain available until needed.
How It Works
Register and create a job board for your organization.
Add information, pictures and details for applicants to review.
Post job descriptions and requirements for your open positions.
Create a resume template for the position(s) you need to fill.
Select job related assessments.
Add your own tests as necessary.
Direct applicants to your HiringNowUSA job board.
Review assessment results.
Interview high value candidates.
Hire the best.
Internal Applications
Load your own inventories and tests for promotions and internal assessments.
Linked Through Your Website
We will happily customize the user interface to match your website.
Contact us for details.
Inventories and Tests
Integrity - Attitudes regarding honesty.
Vocational Interest - A good fit for the type of work?
      Conscientiousness - Strong predictor of success.
      Behavioral Stability - Indicates ability to deal with stress.
      Extroversion/Introversion - For most jobs some degree of introversion is good.
      Hostility - Team player?
      Impression Management - Questions answered honestly?
General Intelligence via Abstract Reasoning - Minimizes adverse impact.
Numerical Estimation
Numerical Calculation
Data Analysis
Spatial Relationships
English - Business related focus.
Job Specific Tests - "My Exams" created and named by you.

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